Work-Based Learning Coordinators assist students and graduates with employment through school-to-work transition programs and job development. In order to accomplish this goal, a close working relationship must be maintained with business and industry in Bay, Arenac, and surrounding counties.

Students have the opportunity to experience unique job-related situations through these partnerships. These on-the-job training opportunities may include:

  • Mentorships - Three week work experience exposes students to realistic job situations.
  • Internships - Long-term opportunities for students to complete their training on the job.
  • Less-Than-Class-Size - On the job training in technical program areas not offered at the Career Center.
  • Apprenticeships - Employer-sponsored training program leading to a transferable certification from the U.S. Department of Apprenticeship and Training.
  • Part-time Employment - Area business and industry.
  • Full-time Employment - Areas business and industry.                   

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 Kellie Seward

Kellie Seward


Tiffany Sheppard





  • Impact curriculum development by becoming an advisory board members.
  • Provide students with actual work-site experiences.
  • Communicate to the community the need for a highly skilled skilled work force.
  • Promoted both Career Center and post-secondary educational opportunities.
  • Register your employment needs with the Career Center's Work-Based Learning Coordinators.


  • Learn skills that meet business and industry needs.
  • Demonstrate skills through actual on-the-job experiences.
  • Prepare for high-wage skilled employment.