Arenac Eastern School District                                                                      

William Lake, K-12 Principal     email icon   (989) 867-4234 ext. 1002                                      

Au Gres-Sims School District

Jeff Collier, Superintendent        email icon   (989) 876-7150

Bangor Township Schools                                                   

Diane Hurley, Assistant Superintendent     email icon         
Megan Coonan, Math Coach     email icon                        
Heather Phelps, High School Curriculum     email icon    (989) 684-8121

Bay-Arenac Community High School

Katie Myers, School Guidance Counselor        email icon      (989) 893-8811
Erin Sullivan, Superintendent     email icon     (989) 893-8811

Bay-Arenac ISD

Alicia Kubacki, Curriculum Consultant        email icon      (989) 667-3285 ext. 3121
John Mertz, Director of Instructional Services     email icon     (989) 667-3224
Mark Lyons, Curriculum Couach                      email icon      (989) 667-3285 ext. 3106
Becky Smith, Assistant Director Special Education K-26     email icon     (989) 667-3285 ext. 3106
Lisa Zettle, Data Specialist      email icon     (989) 667-3285 ext. 3338

Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center

Linda Engelhardt, Principal     email icon                            
Jennifer Geno, Assistant Principal     email icon 
(989) 686-4770

Bay City Public Schools

Adair Aumock, Curriculum Director     email icon    (989) 686-8169           
Brian Johnson, Director of Assessment     email icon      (989) 686-8164
Joan Anderson, ELA Curr. Support Specialist   email icon  
Connie Kennedy, Math/Science Curr. Support Specialist   email icon
Rebecca Young, Instructional Technology Curr./Support Specialist/REMC     email icon

Bay County PSA

Stephen Miller, CIS     email icon    (989) 684-6484

Essexville-Hampton Public Schools

Lori Flippin, Assistant Superintendent      email icon   (989) 894-9700

Pinconning Area Schools

Mike Vieau, Assistant Superintendent     email icon    (989) 879-7224
Mark Fuhrman, Director of Instruction      email icon    (989) 879-7219

Standish-Sterling Community Schools

Darren Kroczaleski, Superintendent     email icon     (989) 846-3670
Arnae Sajdak, Director of Instruction    email icon     (989) 846-3676

Other Districts/Organizations

Iosco RESA

Dana McGrew, Superintendent     email icon     (989) 362-3006

Hale Area Schools

Michael Bowman, K-12 Principal     email icon     (989) 728-3551

Oscoda Area Schools

Linda Skodack, Curriculum     email icon     (989) 739-2033

Tawas Area Schools

Jeff Hutchison, Principal     email icon     (989) 984-2200
Stacey Mochty, Assistant High School Principal     email icon     (989) 984-2100

Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools

Jan Ackerman, Principal     email icon     (989) 756-2881

Saginaw Valley State University Math & Science Center

Tammy Barrientos, Director     email icon     (989) 964-4115