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Teacher Funding Opportunities

     •  Michigan Space Grant Consortium
     •  Social Studies teachers - James Madison Fellowship Foundation Masters Degree funding  
     •  Google for Educators - become a Google Trainer  
     •  National Endowment for the Humanities    
     •  Toyota International Teacher Program    

Teacher Resources - Differentiated Instruction

     •  Carol Ann Tomlinson's Web Site
     •  Books from ASCD (search for differentiated instruction)
     • examples of Differentiated Instruction in the four core subject areas.
     •  A large number of current links and topics related to Differentiated Instruction for all subjects and grade levels.
     • - Middle and High School teachers that have a multitude of lesson plans in all subjects.
     • Resources for Planning and Implementing Differentiated Instruction

 Website with Examples in the core areas

    •  Enhance Learning with Technology              
    •  Learnerslink
    •  Differentiated Instruction Links and Topics for all subject areas and grade levels.


Other Professional Development Opportunities

    • Monticello Teacher Resources  
    •  Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers
    •  Landmarks of American History & Culture
    •  Summer Seminars & Institutes for School Teachers
    •  National Endowment education websites & resources
    •  National Endowment for the Humanities Recommended Reading Lists for K-12 Students


Additional Professional Development Opportunities

    In support of school improvement goals, educational initiatives and teacher development, Bay-Arenac ISD (BAISD)
    provides a wide variety of Professional Development offerings. An annual Regional Staff Development Day is held in
    the winter of each year for educators in the two county area.


Other Professional Development Resources:

    •  Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)
    •  Michigan Library Consortium
    •  The Library of Congress
    •  Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL)
    •  Michigan Institute for Educational Management (MIEM)
    •  Michigan Learnport
    •  MSU's Educational Technology Certification Program
    •  Michigan Virtual University
    •  National Staff Development Council (NSDC)
    •  Northwest Michigan College
    •  Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)

List of Approved Programs for SB-CEUs

   Log on to the Michigan Department of Education site.
   Once there, you can then select to view courses by category, month or sponsor.
   Our offerings will appear under courses by sponsor, Bay-Arenac ISD.