Middle School 

Sixth Grade Activities

PE Class

 PDF DocumentAerobics                                               PDF DocumentLeisure Activities

 PDF DocumentArchery                                                 PDF DocumentMaster

 PDF DocumentBadminton                                            PDF DocumentNutrition
 PDF DocumentBasketball                                             PDF DocumentOrienteering

 PDF DocumentCapture the Flag                                   PDF DocumentScooter Games
 PDF DocumentDance                                                   PDF DocumentSoccer
 PDF DocumentFitness                                                  PDF DocumentStunts & Tumbling
 PDF DocumentFlickerball                                            PDF DocumentSwimming 
 PDF DocumentGames                                                  PDF DocumentVolleyball
 PDF DocumentGolf                                                       PDF DocumentWiffleball 
PDF DocumentKickball                                                PDF DocumentWrestling



Seventh Grade Activities

 PDF DocumentAerobics, Dance & Tumbling                 PDF DocumentKickball
 PDF DocumentArchery                                                 PDF DocumentLeisure Activities
 PDF DocumentBadminton                                            PDF DocumentMaster
 PDF DocumentBasketball                                             PDF DocumentOrienteering
 PDF DocumentBlooperball                                           PDF DocumentScooter Games  
 PDF DocumentCapture the Flag                                   PDF DocumentSoccer
 PDF DocumentFlickerball                                             PDF DocumentSwimming
 PDF DocumentFloor Hockey                                         PDF DocumentTennis
 PDF DocumentFootball                                                 PDF DocumentVolleyball
 PDF DocumentGolf                                                        PDF DocumentWrestling   


Eighth Grade Activities

 PDF DocumentAerobics                                               PDF DocumentMaster                    
 PDF DocumentArchery                                                 PDF DocumentOrienteering
 PDF DocumentBadminton                                            PDF DocumentPickleball              
 PDF DocumentBasketball                                             PDF DocumentSoccer   
 PDF DocumentBlooperball                                           PDF DocumentSoftball                
 PDF DocumentDance                                                    PDF DocumentSwimming         
 PDF DocumentFloor Hockey                                         PDF DocumentTennis
PDF DocumentFootball                                                 PDF DocumentVolleyball       
 PDF DocumentGolf                                                        PDF DocumentWellness, Nutrition & Fitness
 PDF DocumentLacrosse                                                PDF DocumentWrestling
 PDF DocumentLeisure Activities