We provide assistance to any student with
a Booksdisability. Disabilities can range from a broken leg, to health impairments to learning and behavioral issues. To access services, please see Cheryl Kimbrue, the Teacher Consultant, located in the Student Services Office.

Assistance may be sought for academic accommodations, learning strategies, transportation and accessibility issues, to name a few. If a student is eligible for special education and has a current Individualized Education Plan, the Teacher Consultant will work with the student and program instructor on implementing the listed accommodations.

The Teacher Consultant also acts as a liaison between the home school special education staff and the Career Center, and attends IEP's on the Career Center's behalf.


Services to individuals with disabilities also include the following:

  • Individual Tutoring
  • Assistance in career planning/exploration
  • Working with home school personnel and families
  • Providing information to Career Center teachers, regarding learning/health information.
  • Monitoring implementation of IEP accommodations.
  • Monitoring of student progress.
  • Works with business mentorship partners and placement staff, as needed, when placing students with disabilities.
  • Provides workshops for Career Center staff addressing special education issues.
  • Attends IEPT meetings for current and potential Career Center students.


The Teacher Consultant works in partnership with many support agencies in assisting the students in their transition from school to post-secondary options.

The Teacher Consultant works in conjunction with our Work Based Learning on Employability Skills, filling out job applications and resume skills, and finding employment opportunities.

The Teacher Consultant also works with paraprofessionals (Student Support Specialists) at our Center on learning strategies to use with our special populations.

For more information, contact Teacher Consultant - Cheryl Kimbrue at (989) 686-4770 ext. 3459