A short-term, unpaid, work experience exposes student to realistic job situations.

The student would report to the business site during class time to increase their training and demonstrate their skills to prospective employers.  The employer will assist the student with their training needs.  This gives the employer an opportunity to evaluate the student and possibly "groom" a potential employee.


A long-term, paid, work experience for students to complete their training on the job.

The student is working while continuing to learn however, our goal is to place the student in a permanent job when they graduate.

In lieu of attending the Career Center, the student would report to the work site.



On the job training in technical program areas not offered at the Career Center. The employer would act as the instructor in this unpaid learning experience. Curriculum is developed by the employer and approved by the State of Michigan.


Employer-sponsored training program leading to a transferable certification from the U.S. Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.