Student Success Indicators for the Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center Staff at the Career Center, including administrators, teachers, and support staff, is committed to preparing every student for success beyond high school, either at the college level or in the workforce. The degree to which we achieve this goal in our programs is measured utilizing the 10 Indicators of Student Success. These indicators encompass the academic and technical skills, in addition to the work habits that prepare young people for the workplace. The 10 Indicators of Student Success include:

  1. All students will achieve a "C" or better grade in their Career Center program.
  2. All students will have at least a 90% attendance rate during each marking period while at the Career Center.
  3. All students will participate in at least one work experience session with business and industry related to their Career Center program.
  4. All students will demonstrate career readiness skills prior to graduation.
  5. All students will participate in a minimum of one Career Center community service project.
  6. All students will contribute as active team members.
  7. All students will demonstrate positive work habits/attitudes.
  8. All students will demonstrate good citizenship while enrolled at the Career Center.
  9. All students will understand and apply industry-standard technology applications in their occupational area.
  10. All students will exit the Career Center with a career/educational plan.


The Student Success Award is given in the spring of each year to those students who have achieved the Indicators of Success. The purpose of the award is to recognize and reinforce those characteristics, skills, and experiences that support students' future success in college and/or the world of work. Our goal is to have all Career Center students achieve the Success Award.