A Bay-Arenac ISD Program serving Pre-Primary and High School/Young Adult students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Bay-Arenac ISD Living and Learning Center - Arenac Campus Special Education programs are designed to strengthen the educational, social, personal, and daily life skills of students with moderate and severe multiple impairments.

The goal at Bay-Arenac ISD Living and Learning Center - Arenac Campus is for our students to become participating members of their community to the best of their abilities. To reach this goal our students work toward transition by following a curriculum that includes functional academics, leisure recreation, independent living, and community-based experiences.

This curriculum is structured to address each student's developmental level. All students work toward individual educational plan (IEP). Parents and guardians are considered essential participants in their student's education.

Students are expected to:

  • Follow social rules
  • Listen and attend to classroom activities
  • Respect one another
  • Become as independent as possible

Bay-Arenac ISD Living and Learning Center - Arenac Campus was established in 2000. This setting provides our students with a safe and healthy environment.

This Facility has:

  • A student kitchen and laundry centers
  • A computer lab
  • The Garden of Hope
  • Mobility training
  • Collaboration and involvement with community partners

Qualified teachers and support staff to serve students in :

  • Infant, toddler and parent programs
  • Early childhood development class 
  • Transitioning into young adulthood


Bay-Arenac ISD
LLC - Arenac Campus

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Standish, MI  48658
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