Bay-Arenac ISD Emotionally Impaired (EI) Classrooms

The Emotionally Impaired Program is an educational program that addresses the needs of students with exceptional emotional disabilities.  This classroom programs are throughout Bay and Arenac counties. The Bay-Arenac ISD provides supervision for this program. This classrooms are self-contained and staffed with one teacher and instructional support to meet the needs of the students.

The classroom is structured and organized with academic skills being taught through inquiry learning that incorporate social and behavioral outcomes into the lesson.  Specific student needs are addressed in this highly individualized program.  Clear goals are developed cooperatively with the student, and support to reach the outcome is provided.  Our goal is to help the student develop social, behavioral, and academic skills that will allow them to re-enter their home school upon demonstration of consistent positive social and behavior outcomes. 

A student enters into the program when all suitable options within the local education agency (LEA) are exhausted.  Acceptance requires the completion of documentation that outlines specific behavior management plans that have been implemented with documented results. This includes a Functional Behavioral Assessment from the LEA. The documentation of an appropriate behavior plan is required by law to verify that a student has received supplementary aides and services at the LEA level before the student is admitted into the more restrictive environment. Caregivers take an active role as the student's attendance and response to home communication is required for continued enrollment in the program.