Bay-Arenac ISD Post-Secondary Program

The Bay-Arenac ISD Post-Secondary Transition Program is intended for students with disabilities, age 18 or older, within a community-based setting. The additional time in this program is intended to improve the students’ success in transitioning from school to adult roles and prepare them to work, live and participate in the community in which they live.  The expectation is for these students to reach their goals within one-two years. The Bay-Arenac ISD Post-Secondary Transition Program is open to eligible students in Bay and Arenac counties with placement being determined by the IEP team. 

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase independence in Adult Living Skills
  • Improve Self-Determination Skills
  • Improve Social and Communication Skills
  • Increase Leisure Recreation, and Life-Time Skills
  • Experience Work-Based Learning and Volunteer Work
  • Prepare for Community Living and Participation

Students will participate in:

  • Work Based Learning
  • Career Exploration and Training
  • Community Connections

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Student has attended a minimum of four years in a high school special education program and is at least 18 years old.
  2. Student continues to be eligible for special education services in the State of Michigan.
  3. Student/parent/guardian has the expectation for gainful employment, community living and participation.
  4. Student has a desire to learn and practice skills that lead to living, working and participation in the community.
  5. Student exhibits the qualities of a good citizen.

Program Prerequisites:

The student will: 

  1. express an interest in the program
  2. visit the program

The parent will: 


  1. support son/daughter's decision to enter the program
  2. visit the program

The school will:      


  1. hold meeting in the Fall of the senior year to discuss options and invite the Transition  Coordinator
  2. complete the Student Transition Assessment
  3. invite Post Secondary Supervisor and/or program representative to the IEP team meeting to determine placement



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