Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

The Imagination Library, originally established by Dolly Parton, provides all children in Arenac and Bay counties--ages birth to five-years-old--one book a month for sixty months.

Educators have long identified preschool reading and parent involvement as among the most important steps toward a child's success in school. Simply, reading aloud is one of the most important things parents and care-givers can do. Bay-Arenac ISD and educators throughout the seven local districts in our communities embrace the concept of preschool reading as integral to student success. Through affiliation with Imagination Library, all of our children in Arenac and Bay counties would receive an age-appropriate, hardcover book, mailed to their homes each month of their lives from birth to their fifth birthday.

If you have a child between the ages of birth to five and would like to register to receive the free books you can register online or by printing the brochure and mail the completed brochure with signature to:

Jill Bialek, Administrative Assistant
Bay-Arenac ISD Early Childhood Education
Bay-Arenac ISD
4228 Two Mile Road
Bay City, MI 48706


If you are moving within Bay or Arenac counties, please call us at (989) 667-3223 or print off the brochure above and send or drop it off to our office so your child can continue to obtain books until he or she has their fifth birthday. The address change takes six to eight weeks to register in the system. The U.S.. postal service will not forward books to the new address. You must follow the directions above to continue receiving books for your child.

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Interested in donating to the cause?

The Imagination Library is totally funded by your private donations. 
If you would like to help support the Imagination Library of Bay and Arenac Counties, please fill out the donor card and mail it to:

Donor Card

Attn: Jill Bialek
Early Childhood Education
Bay-Arenac ISD
4228 Two Mile Road
Bay City, MI 48706