Michigan Model for Health (MMH)

Healthy kids are better learners. The Michigan Model for Health (MMH) is an evidence-based, comprehensive health education curriculum that targets Pre-K through 12th grade students, utilizing a skills-based approach.

  • Research studies show students that receive the Michigan Model for Health Curriculum have stronger communication skills, better skills in managing their feelings and actions, improved attitudes about taking actions to stay safe, and stronger drug and tobacco refusal skills 
  • Michigan Model for Health is a SEL selected curriculum by the Collaborative on Academic and Social Emotional Learning (CASEL). When you learn about the alignment between MMH and SEL you will first find key components of each and the overall big picture of this alignment; followed by a smaller grain size illustration of the alignment of the Michigan Model for Health (MMH) by grade level, topic, learning objective, and standards to the SEL Competencies and their key indicators.
  • The Michigan Model for Health Pre-K through 12th grade curriculum meets the National Health Education Standards (NHES) by aligning the health education knowledge and skills needed at each grade level.  The Michigan Model for Health program includes a complete NHES crosswalk of lessons and objectives for all health topics and across all grades. 
  • The Michigan Model for Health Pre-K through 12th-grade curriculum meets the Michigan Health Education Standards. The Health Education Standards reflect legal requirements, best practices, and current research in the teaching and learning of health education.  
  • The curriculum and materials are rich with opportunities to address State Standards in reading and writing
  • MMH Curriculum is now available digitally!

Our Health Coordinator can work with you to provide the following:

  • Discounted and/or no-cost curriculum licenses
  • No-cost curriculum training
  • Ongoing, no-cost coaching and technical support

Interested in utilizing MMH in your district, building, or classroom? Reach out to our Health Coordinator.


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