Sex Ed Advisory Board (SEAB) Support

Michigan law requires that every school district that chooses to implement sex education must have a Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB). The districts SEAB is responsible for establishing sex education goals and objectives for students knowledge and skills and to evaluate, measure, and report on the attainment of program goals and objectives (at least once every two years). SEAB’s are also responsible for reviewing curriculum, materials, and methods, and for making recommendations to the school board of the district for implementation. The Regional School Health Coordinator can provide training and support to SEAB’s in the following areas:

  • Recruitment, selection, and terms of SEAB membership
  • Running effective SEAB meetings
  • Writing a definition of sex ed
  • Developing a sex ed scope and sequence
  • Administering Parent Surveys
  • Utilizing state and local data to inform SEAB work
  • Reviewing and selecting curriculum
  • How to hold public hearings for sex ed curriculum review
  • Preparing teaching staff and tracking certifications
  • Evaluation Reports

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